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Witch Camp

March 24-31, 2007

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Earth Magic: Not Your Motherís Witch Craft
Facilitated by Rain and Robin
For young adults
(Ages 13-17)

Permaculture. Camping. Wildlife. Psychic Exploration. Drumming. Chakras. Swimming. Elements of Magic and Ritual. Alchemy.

Explore all of these in magical community. Camp under the stars. Create your own tribe. Have wild fun. Make magic your own.

No previous magical experience is required, but a sense of adventure and a love of the Earth are recommended.

And now a note to the adults in your life: Your brilliant, talented teens will share meals, workshops, and some rituals, along with the talent show, with the camp community. We are investigating horseback riding as an option, and we are planning a day-trip to Hamilton Pool.

A parent or guardian must attend camp.

Welcome to the magical community of Witch Camp!

The Dreamer: An Initiatory Journey,
with Crow, Midnight and Suzanne
The Dreamer sleeps in liminal, mythic space. She sleeps in the dreamtime, among the stars within the Earth. Her destiny is to dream whole worlds into being.

If you had the power, what worlds would you dream into being? What truths would you dare speak? What challenges would you meet?

As humans, we have not only the power to dream, but the power and the responsibility to awaken and act in the world. We can make our dreams real.

Using the techniques of trance, storytelling, movement, stillness, meditation, art, and aspecting, we will travel deep into the heart of the Earth and our own hearts to explore the purpose of our journey as humans. We will listen to the messages of the Earth and the voices of our divine selves to awaken and deepen our own unique magic.

This path will be an intense, initiatory journey of self-discovery and exploration. If you have questions as to whether this path is for you, please contact Suzanne at mcanna314@hotmail.com, or 512-282-5541.

The Mighty Anvil
with Morgana, Z-Helene, and Deanna Marie
We all have the power to shape and reshape ourselves, our instruments, and our tools. On this Path, we enter the Forge of the Dwarves, a place deep within the Earth where power is purposeful and focused, where core fires burn deep to move and shape life--a place where we charge our will and purify our deepest selves.

As Initiators of the Dreamer, the Dwarves offer their Mighty Anvil to direct the powers of change. Learn the ways of this mystical tool and become the Mighty Anvil that focuses creative energy and manifests Magic.

Channeling the creative forces of music, rhythm, dance, storytelling, and trance, we explore the work of the Dwarves, the Edgewalkers, the Guardians of the Earth. We utilize our gifts of creativity, vision, and intention to forge strong magical practice and ritual for transformation.

This path incorporates practical ritual skills with deep mystical intent. This is an Intermediate/Advanced path. Elements of Magic or equivalent is required.

The Mysteries of the Faery Star
with Birch and Cedar
The Seven pointed star like the pentacle has a long and rich history of occult powers and meanings. Explore this portal which is called the Faery Star, Elven Star, Star of the Pleiades, the Cherokee Star, and the Star of the Seven Sisters, to name a few.

In a ritual setting, learn about the symbol that connects myth and legend from Aboriginal Australia, Celtic Britain, North America, Ancient Greece, The Indian subcontinent, Japan and Mayan Mexico.

What powers and potential magical practices and lessons does the Septagram contain? Join us at the center of the seven directions prepared for discovery and experimental magik.